Guideline for Poster Presentation

Guideline for Poster Presentation

Guideline for the Presentation of Posters

  • Poster should be made into one large poster unit (maximum size: 80cm wide x 100 cm high) or several number of smaller poster units (12 pages of A4 size).

  • Posters should be readable by viewers standing one meter away. The message should be clear and understandable without any additional oral explanations.

  • Graphs and diagrams often convey a lot more than just words, as long as they are clear and simple. Images should be at least 300 dpi resolutions, which is critical for printing good quality posters.

  • Poster contents should be composed of 5 sections: Background, Objectives, Methods, Result, and Conclusion. Presenting Case Study require different format, thus it can be prepared according to authors’ preference. When adding reference in the Poster, please insert it below the Conclusion.

  • The Secretariat of the 5th International Scientific Conference On Occupational and Environmental Health provides one poster board for each poster presentation free of charge.

  • Time for each Poster presentation is scheduled according to the conference program. The authors must present at the poster place during the time scheduled to discuss about their posters.